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1、对....进行分析用 :analyse 2、analyse 英[ˈænəlaɪz] 美[ˈænəˌlaɪz] vt. 分析; 分解; 细察; na. “analyze”的变体; 其他: 第三人称单数:analyses 现在分词:analysing 过去式:analysed过去...

偏爱;英语短语: In favor of. preference for.

pass it on to the copy-editor 把它传给复制编辑器 直接翻译的话就是 通过它复制到复制编辑 这个就显得很生硬了,所以上面那个是正解!


a better understanding of… 1. I hope i shall soon get to know you better and that we shall become great friends . 我希望不久就会更好地了解您,我们将成为真正的朋友。 2. By quantifying these causes the population dynamics of the ...

near. close to 例句: 1.near 而现在我们完全不靠近拉弗国家。 But we're nowhere near laffer country now. 2.close to 评级机构将匈牙利的国债放在了靠近垃圾债券的位置。 Rating agencies have put hungary's debt close to junk status.

be able to do sth 能做某事.

both...and... according to no matter how go by so...that... deal with

与...匹配 match with match A with B 将A与B匹配 举例: I want a tie that will match with this suit 我想要一条能和这套西装相配的领带。

be strict in sth


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