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曲名:Always 歌手:Erasure

是花儿乐队的歌吧,中文的啊 open your eyes歌名

链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1skEk3MH 密码: qbtd 求采纳,谢谢

Baby there's something lately, between you and me, something I want you to see 亲爱的,有些话来不及想对你说,你和我... I wanna do things differently, don't wanna walk the same street 我想有所表示,不再裹足不前 Breaking up in th...

Song about Love (《好先生》电视剧插曲) - 李玉玺 词:李玉玺 曲:李玉玺 Open your eyes(你开启了新的人生) Tell me your story(开始新的故事) I...

[Verse 1:] Water and light This is eyes History falling down Hope rising up We're the here and now All that came before Can not stay asleep We're not children anymore [Hook:] We can fight the dark This is who we are There's a n...

openyoureyes,what is missing 睁开你的眼睛,什么都不见 openyoureyes,what is missing 睁开你的眼睛,什么都不见

http://music.163.com/#/m/song?id=27511074 这个不?

open you eyes 高音质ed链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8iJerw 密码:3hxk

Bonnie Mckee - Open Your Eyes


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