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shut thE FuCk up AnD trAin 这句话什么意思

shut vt. 1. 关上,闭上,关闭 Shut the window, please. 请关窗。 2. 把...关住;禁闭[O] She shut herself in her bedroom sobbing her heart out. 她把自己关在卧室里,哭得死去活来。 3. 使停止营业;停止开放 Business is not good. He'll have ...

歌曲名:Shut Up Train 歌手:Little Big Town 专辑:The Reason Why Little Big Town - Shut Up Train Shut up train I'm trying to sleep Can't you show me a little sympathy This is the only time I can get any peace So shut up train I'm ...



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